The Accreditation System of RSMS (RSMS Cert) helps markets work better by providing internationally recognised accreditation services that create economic benefit.
Accreditation has many flow-on benefits throughout the market chain for business, regulators and government by:

  • reducing compliance and transaction costs,
  • reducing risk,
  • streamlining operations,
  • breaking down barriers to trade, which provides greater access to foreign markets; and
  • Providing assurance that goods and services sold are safe and can be used for their intended purpose.

These strengthen national, Trans-Tasman and international trade and commerce.

Accreditation adds value to the ever growing and increasingly complicated market chain in many ways, including by providing a symbol of assurance that certifiers and inspectors are independent and competent to perform their duties.

Accredited certification and inspection of products, processes and people—called conformity assessment—has a ripple effect through the market chain, right to the consumer. It gives consumers confidence that their purchases meet specified standards and are quality assured. This includes retailers, wholesalers and individual consumers. At RSMS, we do not certify or inspect organizations, products or people; rather, we accredit the bodies that do. We do so by developing the assessment criteria certifiers and inspectors must meet to become accredited under these themes:

  • business process and innovation
  • health and human services
  • product certification
  • food and biological systems
  • Environment.

Accreditation is a symbol of assurance — a valuable asset in itself. The RSMS symbol is a mark of quality and reliability. It flags that a certifier or inspector can be counted on to impartially determine if organizations, products and people conform to specified requirements. This gives certifiers, inspectors and their client organizations a competitive edge.

Accreditation benefits are-

  • Knowing that your Certifying Body are being constantly monitored.
  • Having recourse to a higher level of authority if needed.
  • Knowing that the Certifying Body operates to defined procedures that are continually reviewed.
  • Knowing that you have a balanced level of service that does not compromise your business operations.
  • Knowing that you have someone to turn to if you have a problem with the quality of supplies or products.

For Government

There are many duties placed on government departments, local authorities and other agencies to ensure that trust is maintained. Whether it be health, water quality, food, consumer goods or transport safety, for example, the public sector provides the framework for the assurance that goods and services are safe and the environment we live in is clean and secure.
Accreditation by RSMS can also limit the need for government to regulate industry and the professions. It provides an alternative means of ensuring the reliability of activities that have the potential to impact on public confidence or the national reputation. RSMS, where requested, assesses organizations and recommends to government their appointment as Notified Bodies as required by EU Directives and Regulations.

For Business

Companies big and small buy independent evaluations either through choice (to reduce the risk of product failure for example) or as a consequence of legal requirements (such as health and safety regulations). Most commonly these evaluations are calibration of equipment, product testing, and inspection of equipment and certification of quality management systems.
RSMS CERT. was established in 2011. with a presence in over 40 locations across India & 16 locations abroad and employing more than 80 full-time perso0nnel,
RSMS CERT. is never very far from its Clients. It is easily recognized by all stakeholders as one of the most competent, ethical & professional service.
Being the market leader We offer very comprehensive and diverse range of technical services to our clients.

Our Tutors

Train with the best to become the best. Our tutors are recognized as leaders in their field,offering a world-class learning experience. They are trained to understand and meet your different learning needs,
and they have years of industry experience.
What’s more, they train the client managers who assess your organization to keep your learning in line with your company’s certification.

Our client managers

The moment you decide to improve your business, our client managers step up to assist you.
They work to understand your unique goals. And they do their very best to get you where you want to be, whatever your starting point.
What’s more your client manager stays with you from application to certification and beyond, to make sure you get the most from your investment.
Our Clientele includes some of the Leading corporate houses, Public sector organisations, medium and small scale enterprises.
RSMS CERT provides diverse services in Management Systems – Quality, Environment, Safety, Food, Information Technology, and Social accountability.
Training in allied areas like Lead Auditor, Internal Auditor & awareness courses.
Third Party Inspection, Product Certification (CE.Automotive Homologation, Six Sigma etc0
RSMS CERT. is accredited with UK (Joint Accreditation System of UK KINGDAM) for Management System Certifications and Personnel Certifications accredited with QST(Quantas system Training & Personnel Certifications Ltd. Scotland) and approved by IPC.

Why RSMSCERT Certifications?

  • RSMSCERT use only experienced auditors who are trained to carry out assessment with minimal disruption of work.
  • RSMSCERT is a quick, flexible and professionally managed company.
  • RSMSCERT is not interested in just Winning Contracts with its client but seeks long-term relationship with its clients.
  • RSMSCERT will be both courteous and sensitive to your staff at all times. LMS fully understand the stress that people experience during implementation.
  • RSMSCERT believes in quality and not quantity.

Our Assessors/Auditors

RSMSCERT Assessors/Lead auditors are qualified professionals having vast experience assessment of ISO Standards in the manufacturing and the service industries as well as in the IT Industry.
RSMSCERT achieved this by working on fundamentals of ISO and addressing the core issues of the system.
Vision & Mission RSMSCERT Certifications


To be a progressive company recognized for its transparency, strong credibility, and impartiality and enhancing competency for all its services.


To become No.1 in Certification / Validation / Verification business by the end of the year 2011.

Our Policy

RSMSCERT is committed to:

  • Total compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Maintaining impartiality and confidentiality in certification process.
  • Achieving customer satisfaction.

Why us rsmscert

RSMSCERT and its parent company, Fathom Business Architects, have been auditing and servicing the recruitment industry . All our auditors have worked with recruitment agencies – they know recruitment and they relate to your staff.
Easy to work with
Our business values include be professional, focus on quality and improvement, work in teams and enjoy. We are friendly and accessible; we believe the only way to be effective is to work with you, not against you.
Online document sharing
To ensure easy communications we work with a fully secured online document sharing site which is created for the exclusive use of each client. We can view your company documents online, store audit reports, and monitor any issues raised during audits. Easy and effective.
Don’t just take it from us – see what our clients have to say… Testimonials

Our people

Excellence through people
Business excellence begins with people.
And the easiest, most effective way to achieve it is to work with those who’ve already embedded excellence in other organizations – like our people.
We have decades of experience working with all types of businesses.
So our people understand the challenges that your business could be facing.
And they have the skills to recognize where excellence can be achieved and transferred to your employees – or your people.
We understand how people work, the habits they form and how they can improve.
That’s why we hire the best and train them constantly so they can train and support you – and help you make excellence a habit in your organization.